Anyone bought from

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  1. Ok. When something sounds too good, looks too good, and feels to good, it's too good! Tried to check them out with the BBB but they aren't listed, which tells me they are knockoffs and you should stand clear. They use pictures but it doesn't necessarily mean you are getting what you see! When a merchant isn't honest enough to list their return address, don't buy!!! Good luck!
  2. I agree with BgHolic. When a site has no physical address and they say it takes over 10 business days to ship to you, b/c the item might not be in stock, that means you are probably getting counterfeit goods sent from China or somewhere far. I would stay clear. I have read horror stories of people ordering from websites and getting some cheap item looking nothing like the photos on the website.

    What is also odd, some of the YSL bags have lots of photos, and some only one? Stay away and wait for a great deal, so many sales right now.
  3., and are all credible establishments you can feel safe buying from! Happy shopping! ;)
  4. :tdown: the miu miu they have are fakes... yuks.
  5. Thank you peeps for verifying, won't be buying from this place anytime soon!