Anyone bought from these Ebay sellers...

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  1. either suesuperb or uniquethreads?

  2. Hazelnut, please look under the thread Woodbury outlets. I have something posted there about an item I seen up for auction from Suesuperb.
  3. Most of the photos that suesuperb uses are stock photos because I asked her and she said that she couldn't give me the exact bag picture because it was at another one of her locations. So that is just weird to me.
  4. Yes, that does sound shady. I'm glad I didn't buy from her.
  5. blackwidow and cytheria - thank you. that is interesting. I get a vague feeling something is off about that seller but I can't be sure. I guess I will wait to see a reply from her about more pictures and see if she says the same thing!! I guess the deal is too good to be true for BIN...??

    I hate buying off eBay but there is hardly anything left in playground in stores, even the outlets. :hysteric:
  6. blackwidow - I saw your post regarding the wallet, I guess my reply didn't show up because my computer just froze... Is she also the one who sells qees for like $40 each?? That's insane!!!
  7. Ha! Ha! That cracks me up! It wouldn't surprise me. :lol:

    Ok, I just took a look at what she has listed she has one of the old qees looks like a cat and yes it is selling for $40 looks like someone placed a bid on that. Otherwise I didn't see any other key chains.
  8. I've emailed uniquethreads for actual photos of some items he has for sale and he never I didn't bid! That e-mail from suesuperb about the item being at a different location is a huge red flag for me. Be careful!!
  9. O man! I ordered the playground Carmellina and it looks authentic and it says the picture is of the actual item I will receive. I'll let you know when I get it.
  10. lattegrl - That is the item I was looking at!! tell me how it turns out!!
  11. susuperb emailed me pictures on the angioletto I was watching, she was really friendly too. let us know lattegrl!! I was looking at the caramella too!
  12. Really??? I thought you were talking about the wallet. It had Sandy on it so I had to buy it. I hope its legit... Did she ever reply to you??? If so, do you mind telling me what she said. I'm a lil nervous now.
  13. Latte- I asked her for more pics and asked if the pic she posted was jsut a weird angle, bc the caramella looks funny... she replied it was just the camera angle, but didn't send me any pics. I think it is probably okay, you may have got a really good deal!!
  14. Did she include the qee? Or would you have had to pay at extra $40 to get it?
  15. well i bought from susuperb, this person is legit! i got an angioletto from her and its exactly the picture that she posted :biggrin: so no worries there!

    yeah i was thinking of picking up that wallet when she first posted it but i back down considering that i probably wouldnt use it at all...i just have too much stuff in my wallet..doubt my cards will fit there! :biggrin: glad to know that someone here picked it up :biggrin: ..not a bad deal!!
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