anyone bought from lvauthentic in hong kong?

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  1. Hi ladies!! I need your help. I've been watching a few bags from ebay seller lvauthentic but I have no idea whether his bags or authentic or not. What do you think??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. If it is the same one I am thinking of then yes, they are a MyPoupette seller and sell only authentic items.
  3. What's a MyPoupette seller?
  4. Visit the MyPoupette website and it explains it better than I could. Anyone who is a MPRS and has the logo officially on their listing is selling only authentic items. These people are a group that also helps authenticate LV's and other designers for PayPal claims also. I ONLY buy from MPRS's myself from Ebay.
  5. I've shopped there before and they are 1000% authentic. I was a lilttle leary of buying from out of the country for fear of the bag getting lost but I've never had a problem.....they're fast and safe.....and they were actually my very first non-US purchase.:tup:
  6. They're trustworthy sellers!
  7. Yes, my very first LV. They're great!
  8. Before of trusting that too much. There have been MPRS's in the past who have added in a few fakes in with the real. I would still authenticate every bag beforep urchasing

  9. Well if you authenticate it through MyPoupette then they would catch their own doing it... however, for authentications I use Carol Diva.
  10. Thanks for all your feedback!!! ;)
  11. You are welcome, there are about three MPRS that I buy from regularly. I keep my business with them as they give me discounts above what others would for my repeat business.
  12. :tup:I have bought numereous bags from them and they are 100% authentic he has another site for his shop. They are very reliable and easy to deal with.:tup: P.S I forgot to say ask for Harry he is the son and runs the site, and say your from this forum you can use my I.D. to say who recommended you. No I am not connected I just have used them lots of times.
  13. Ditto here for them too. My first Non-US purchase and it was great!!
  14. I have emailed HARRY about a gaucho he has for sale on Ebay. Looks like the SAME bag on 2 different auctions. Are you still buying from him?
  15. Yes I just purchased a Chloe from him this week. I have complete faith in him, he runs two sites.