anyone bought from let-trade?

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  1. hi, i am considering buying a le fab from them for $1899. has anyone bought from them before? were you happy with your purchase?

  2. Let-Trade is a reputable seller that I would purchase from with out any hesitation.
  3. thanks very much x
  4. Yes and they are great
  5. I have nothing but great things to say about let-trade. Great prices, super fast shipping and they are always so nice. I bought 2 used bags from them - a cerises sac plat at a very fair price and it was in great condition and a croissant GM a few months ago in good used condition for $300.
  6. I just bought a Croissant (my LV lemming since day 1) from let-trade for $305. Can't wait to get it and clean the strap!
  7. Very good customer service!
  8. Yuppers! and I love them!
  9. wow fantastic, thanks ladies. so it is all second hand but in good condition? sure what could be better!!
  10. go for it let-trade is a legit reputable seller
  11. I love let-trade :tup:
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