Anyone bought from Couturetraveler ?

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Ebay seller Couturetraveler, has that she is a TPF member, anyone buy from her or know of her?...TIA
  2. You should ask her for her tpf username and then do a search on her.
  3. Hi...I'm couturetraveler. Been member for quite a while...just haven't used this site much other than as a reference. Believe I'm listed as tannfran. Have a huge collection of Chanel that I been selling slowly but surely but then turn around and buy more...hopeless. Started my Chanel addiction in the 80's and it has continued thru today....keeps me motivated to work hard at my 'day' job:smile::smile: Friends and I have traveled Europe often and always buy something!!! Have also sold some of their treasures. It has evolved to the point where I am now as much of a seller of Chanel as buyer. It's all authentic...we like to think we are helping the GNP and the credit companies keep solvent....and, most importantly, making a lot of ladies happy! Thanks for asking. Terri
  4. I'm sorry - but this isn't the place to announce your eBay/Bonz usernames nor advertise the stuff you're selling.