anyone bought from COS - 'upmarket' H&M?

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  1. I just went a few times to Collection of Style, but havent' found anything so far...

    until today. the stuff is cute, I like the style of the shop but I am wondering if it really is better quality than H&M, or just 'better' prices ;).

    it isn't that expensive IMO, but I always debate even $30 if I am not sure whether I will wear the piece more than once. could put it towards something I will wear a lot, kwim?

    Anyway, so would appreciate your experiences. Btw, this top I want is almost sold out, so there must be something about COS???
  2. I've not been in there but have seen a few pieces in Grazia and walked past the store but nothing seems to really stand out.

    Like you I have to justify spending even a small amount on an item of clothing if I think it'll get very little wear. I'd rather spend £100 on someting and love it than £10 and wear it on a couple of occasions.

    I do find if you buy cheaper stuff there is a much greater chance of spotting the exact same thing on a plethora of people
  3. I've bought two things there: a grey/silver top with nice pleated detailing, and a cute leather/wooden necklace. Love them both, and wear them often.

    The quality is okay I think, better than h&m and not much more expensive. And I like their collection. :smile:

    But if you're not completely sure, then don't buy it.
  4. so I finally decided to buy the top after all - especially as I found it in my size (last one) and it is just a simple khaki tunic, so a basic really. can't go wrong with that.
  5. bringing back this thread - because I love COS.
  6. I just went to the store downtown NYC. I knew about COS before they opened in NYC and once went while I was in Barcelona on vacation but didn't buy anything. But when I just went now I really loved it. The clothes may be pricey but the quality seems to be there and the fabrics they use are really soft. Mostly cottons, linens, and wools which I love. Definitely much better than Zara.
  7. They are having their mid season sale! I just placed my first order online. USA prices are much higher than Barcelona prices (or all Europe as a whole..) so the sale makes it a lot more worth it.

    There is also a code for first time orders and it worked on the sale prices. Can't remember the code right now but Google search brought it to me
  8. it is so much better than ZARA!

    the quality is amazing. But I always wait till the next sale, because I think the clothes are a bit pricey. I just got a very cute blouse. Last season-sale I got a cute oversized dress.

  9. Yeah they have good stuff! I'm gonna check out their sale! I had no idea lol. I bought 3 tops at regular price yikes.

    I hate Zara. Everything I've owned from there fell apart in just a few wears. The seams would just become undone on its own.

  10. Thanks for the info I'm gonna check the sale out!!
  11. I dislike ZARA, too. I used to work at a day care with babies. I once wore a new-never-worn-before shirt at work, a baby grabbed my shirt and with his tiny fingers he tore it. it´s not like he pulled or had sharp nails, he was just on my arms and old my shirt. I never bought anything there again besides some shoes.

    I just looked up the COS website to show you Ladies what I just bought (did´t found it), there are so many things I could order even tho I was just at their store :graucho:

  12. The first time I entered a COS was in amsterdam and later in barcelona and the prices were very reasonable. I then got excited after that purchase and wanted to order online in the US site but was bummed to see the prices were almost double!!!

    so definitely do take advantage of their mid season sale right now!! :biggrin:

  13. Ugh that sucks I totally feel you. One day I had to walk all around NYC after class to find my BFFs birthday gift...turns out my pants were TOTALLY ripped from the back and I had no idea. It wasn't even at the seams the fabric just started to fray and rip open like what happened to your shirt. People could probably see my red undies from a mile away LMAO. I found out when I came home and my grandma told me lol
  14. wow. poor you!
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    I shop at COS on a regular basis and for me, their quality is much better than H&M. Everything I own has been through many washes and they're still great. Quality wise personally I think their quality is on par with contemporary brands like Theory, Sandro, etc etc.
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