anyone bought from celebrity owned ??

  1. what was your experience like? Thanks for all your help fellow shopaholics :heart:
  2. I havent personally but I know a couple of members have bought from Kim Kardashian, I know she does have a very active eBay account.
  3. *sorry, thinking of wrong seller*

    Nope, sorry. :push:
  4. My friend ever purchased from her, I'll ask her :smile:
  5. anw, try to check mypoupette list. If I'm not wrong, I think her ID listed here as non-sale etc
  6. I bout some clothes from Tori Spelling (or - her friend that was selling for her) good deals - everything was good and I get to tell a little story when I wear my dress LOL
  7. If you mean celebrityowned - yes, she's very nice. I think she has posted here, at least awhile ago.
  8. Yes I have and my item was as described and no problems at all.
  9. I've bought from her too. Everything was authentic and as described.
  10. Wha? Now I am confuseled - that's a person's eBay name? Does she sell celeb's stuff?
  11. ^^^
    i think her stuff comes from movie sets and the like. not personal closets...most things are barely used or brand new.

    i have bought from her and she was fantastic. great with communication, fast shipping and authentic items!

    OP- are you eyeing that electric blue mahala? YUM!
  12. She's an eBay consignment seller of highend items. At one time, I considered having her consign a couple of bags from me but never did. I'm sure if you wanted to have her sell bags for you, you'd be satisfied with her service. I've purchased two bags from her, and she was very professional and trustworthy.
  13. I haven't bought anything from a celebrity but I have bought Rene Caovilla 100% Authentic shoes from E-bay ID: couturefinds and I think she is a personaly stylist but I am not sure.

  14. You might need to clarify your question! I think some are a little confused. But the answers are cute. I have never purchased anything from her but have watched a number of her items. They seem to be all authentic but I'd watch the condition. Sometimes, the handbags at least, are in a pretty "used" state - so much so that I sure wouldn't pay to own them!
  15. ^^ agree- the responses are sweet! I bought a bronze Tod's clutch from her and the condition- though used- was pretty good and definitely as described. What I liked too is that I could forgo the shipping cost (and also the wait :smile: by picking it up, since it was right around the corner from my work! Nice that she offered that option...