Anyone bought from Ann's Fabulous Finds?

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  1. Has anyone ever bought anything from Ann's Fabulous Finds? She seems to have some really nice stuff and I'm very tempted!
  2. Ann is amazing! She is a member here as well, and goes to great lengths to make sure every item she sells is authentic. I have also met Ann personally, and LOVE her! I would buy from her in a heartbeat!
  3. OMG is that a website?? Where can I find her? My Chanel Flu is getting worse every day.....:Push:
  4. Here you go:

    AFF - Ann's Fabulous Finds
  5. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking to buy my first Chloe and just want to double check that she sells authentic.

    Thanks! My apologies if this thread is in the wrong spot...
  7. I have never bought from her but am fairly certain her items are authentic. Another PFer recently bought a blanc from her. You can search back posts if you want.

    Good luck!
  8. Yes all her stuff is authentic. My friend bought a beautiful Thomas Wylde bag from her
  9. I've purchased a Balenciaga 05 Turquoise Day from her!
    Excellent communication and service I must say!:tup:
  10. Members on the Balenciaga forum always have good things to say about Ann's.
  11. Ann's Fabulous Finds Only sells Authentic merchandise. I just purchased a Blanc 06, my favorite out of all my paddy's. Ann (and Troy) are very quick to respond to emails, they ship quick and they are always there to answer any questions and to make everything right. The best part is the shipping is free:smile:) I already purchased 2 fake Chloe bags off Ebay over a year or so ago, so I understand your concern. But you can rest assure that you are getting the real deal from Ann's Faulous Finds!!!!
  12. Ann's has authentic merchandise, fast shipping and great communication! :tup: I've bought a few things there. She only takes stuff in excellent condition. I even think Ann is a PF member...???
  13. Ann is a PF member and she only sells authentic items so rets assured!! shop away!
  14. oooh hope you go for your new bag. What one are you going for, you have to show us the piccies lol :biggrin:
  15. Really?? Shipping is free? Only for the States I suppose...:crybaby: Am I right?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.