Anyone bought coin purse from Barney's NY before?

  1. I just got my french blue coin, it is adorable :heart: However it doesn't come with box, not even dustcover :confused1: I called the SA and she told me they never receive dustcover of this size of accessories, anyone has the same experience :crybaby:
  2. My accessories have come with cards and cute small sized dust covers.
  3. Thank you adpotastray, I am not surprised if it doesn't come with box, but I can't convince myself that they don't even com in dustcover? I asked them so how were they shipped to the store? She said they are wrapped in plastic :wtf:
  4. I bought a Coin Purse from Barney's NY in Chicago and it came in a black Barney's box (not a Bal box) and with a white Bal dust cover