Anyone bought BV in Italy...

  1. ...and saved from US prices?
    I'm going next year and would love to pick up a Veneta or something else fabulous.
  2. I'd love to hear an answer too! Great reason to travel to Italy :yes: if we could save on our favorite bags.
  3. I've heard that they are cheaper, plus the VAT refund of around 10-12%. Just hoping someone who's gotten lucky will chime in!
  4. I bought my Campana in Rome last year. Unfortunately, with the Euro so strong, it was more or less the same as the London pricing. If you can get the VAT, that's obviously great. The Summer before, I'd seen the Campana for the first time whilst on holiday in Capri and fallen in love with it. It was cheaper on a comparative basis back then as the Euro was so weak. I guess it all depends on the exchange rates when you travel.

    The beauty of buying a BV in Italy, same as buying an Hermes scarf in Paris for example, is the atmosphere of the shop, assistance provided by SAs who truly exude the charm and appeal of the brand. Oh who am I kidding, I love shopping anywhere!
  5. Hee hee, that sounds just like me. :graucho:
  6. I bought a veneta in Venice in 2004, it was around 10% cheaper than London prices. Prices in Italy should be cheaper than Italy especially you can claim back 12% VAT. However, exchange rate is also an issue. Let's hope the rate will be better when you visit Italy. May be you can compare the prices in US and Euros on BV website as you can find them in the online catalogue.
  7. ^ good idea! :smile:
  8. I just went a lil nuts shopping at the BV shop in Venice when I was there last week :shame:

    Prices there are def cheaper as compared to Singapore! Especially with VAT :yes:
  9. We were in Florence and Venice in October and the US $ is not worth as much as the euro, approx 75 cents to every euro. By now it could be worse. Yes, you do not have to pay a duty. You do pay it when you are in Italy, but you get a refund if you file the appropriate papers at the airport, before you leave and go through customs. They will credit your original cc that you used for the purchase. All in all everything I bought there was the same price as it is here. Its just the idea in your head) that you bought something in Italy. Which is an experience in itself. :yes: Would do it again by the way. We had a wonderful time!!
  10. I bought my first BV in Florence about 10 years ago. It was marginally less than the States at regular price, but they were having a sale of 50% off, so that made it considerable less expensive. I don't have the bag anymore, but it's one of the ones I regret letting go.
  11. The BV price in March 2007 from Rome: the limited edition small cabas is around 3000 euros. My SA at SCP quoted me the same bag for around 3000 USD before tax. Go figure.