Anyone bought booties for fall? Let's see pics!

  1. I love the bootie trend. I bought a couple pairs that are in the mail. There are a bunch out there I would love to have but can't bring myself to spend a ton of $ on. I bought 2 pair so far. Well, three but I returned a pair of Jessica Simpson patent leather ones. I bought a basic black pair by Miu Miu and a funkier pair I found on Shopbop in china blue. Here's a pic of them. The first picture is of the pair I got in the china blue color. The second pic is the Miu Miu pair. Both are pics from the net. I'm waiting for them to arrive.
    Here's a couple I'm lusting over. One is Marc Jacobs on Saks site. The other is none other than CL. There is another CL ruched leather bootie that is TDF that I found on Saks' website. Anyone else going to rock booties this fall? Let's see yours!

  2. I want to get my first pair but am afraid I won't like them on me. I have to go somewhere and try them on first. What's your advice on what to wear them with? I was thinking leggings, dresses, not really jeans.
  3. I'm going to wear them with jeans and dresses with tights or leggings. I guess I'll be wearing them with just about everything! I think they will look better with a really dark wash skinny jean than a regular bootcut jean. Do you think they would look bad with jeans? My only concern is the blue of my boots will clash with the blue of my jeans.
  4. There's some Louboutin and Choo that I think look great in pics but I haven't bought any yet.
  5. I almost forgot this pair. I love them. I want them so badly! How cute is this purple color? They're Moschino from Shopbop.
  6. will post pics of mine although bought a no name.
  7. My booties haul from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (but I got carried away, not all were on sale).

    Stuart Weitzman

    Stuart Weitzman


    Circa Joan and David
  8. I LOVE booties! But I too am unsure of what to wear them with.....skirts? dresses? I don't do skinny jeans...only bootcut and wide leg...hmmmm
  9. I love the Ash bootie shoeangel!
  10. I have some booties but only from topshop but i want more!
    I LOVE booties i think they are so cute.
    I'm going to wear them always,
    even if they go out of fashion!
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I am deciding to buy these Christian Louboutin Emily Shoe Boots. Still deciding about which color to pick and how the sizing for these CLs are.
  12. Love love loooove those Loboutins above!!
  13. Love those Loubies, it looks like they are exclusive to nap.
  14. I've actually had these Manolo's for over 3 years I think. I plan on wearing them with tights/leggings and long Tunics. Can't wait for Fall!
  15. I have these on order. I don't have any black patent boots in my collection yet. So far these are the only ones I have seen that I just had to have.

    I do like the white/black CL booties on NAP with the "Chanel-esque" black cap toe. The only thing stopping me is the heel is just too impractical for me to get much use out of them. I'd definitely probably get those too though if the heel was more like 4 to 4.25 inches or 110 mm or less.