Anyone bought bags from ebay seller Ininos?

  1. Are their bags authentic? Need your feedback, TIA.
  2. Is that the right eBay ID? Ininos has 0 feedback and no items for sale. ???
  3. It's lninos not ininos.
    They're wonderful.
  4. He's def a legit seller :tup:
  5. Yes, lninos is a great seller. I pre-ordered a Kooba from him and he gave a great price and shipped quickly.
  6. oops I thought that's "I" :shame:

    ^yep he has great feedbacks, but he didn't reply any of my messages. That makes me worry.
  7. I get the feeling he's a real busy guy/girl. For whatever reason, the response wasn't the quickest - but NOT to worry. Seriously....they've got some amazing bags....and completely 1000% legit. Hey - do I get a free bag for his plug??:tup:
  8. ^that makes me feel better...Thanks