Anyone bought anything from.....

  1. Has anyone bought any bags:

    The Che Che New York bags are especially whimsical and sweet while Coccinelle seems to be another lesser known Italian brand of bags. Coccinelle used to have boutiques in Singapore but guess they pulled out due to lack of popularity.

    I came across the floto ad on this forum and decided to take a look at the website I like the Casiana mini especially. It looks understated but the leather looks expensive and the bag looks fairly well made. Wonder if they lasts as long as what they claimed to be??

    I'm from Singapore and I love those cosmetic pouches made by a relatively new company. You may like to take a look at the website I've some items from them and I love it for its versatility. The material is somewhat like Lesportsac. Will try to upload the pictures of the stuff I bought soon.

    BTW I don't work for any one of them, I just like some of the bags from these websites and would like to have some opinions/experiences of those who have bought the bags from them.