Anyone bought anything from lately during their sale?


Mar 20, 2006
Has anyone here bought anything from lately? I bought 2 items from them over 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago during their sale and though my credit card has been charged, I haven't gotten any items and no email confirmation. Anyone have better luck? Worse, I just tried to go to their website and my computer froze. :cursing: I'm about to call my credit card and put a stop payment since my items totaled almost 700 bucks!!!


New Member
Jul 9, 2006
Their website is up now as they were working on it last week, but they are sadly going out of business end of month. Trying to reach customer service by phone is impossible as it goes into vm. I'm having a bag shipped to me now after constantly phoning for weeks to try to reach someone live and getting vm. Then I emailed. After a while, Jenny Condon responded via email to say they're not bringing in new Fall stock because they're unfortunately going out of buisness. I let her know that I had to use up a store credit. She was very kind and accomodating, but it seems like she's a one woman operation. I feel badly for them, but I ended up choosing what's left of their stock so I could ensure I get something before they close their doors.