Anyone bought anything from specials?

  1. I've dropped off the face of the earth, my ban is so serious that even coming here is off limits (too tempting, too many suggestions).

    Anyhoo, as I was on ban I see that many of the signature quilt colors that was on special on the website are gone :crybaby: .

    Anyone here pick any good stuff up from the website lately?
  2. I bought two bags on sale last weekend, they arrived, looking beautiful, yesterday!

    I plan to make use of the website for sales and specials again in the future, as there are other cute bags I'd like to pick up.
  3. I got my large quilt double-pocket tote and matching checkbook organizer both 30% off. I guess they were discontinuing the cream w/ honey trim color... but it's exactly what I was looking for for the summer... and the trim matches exactly a pair of shoes I have for work.
  4. I picked up my Denim Croc tote from the web. I check back every week to see if there is something I would like to add!
  5. Make sure to browse through the collections because not all the specials are listed under the "specials" link.
  6. yeah i love there specials I brought a few bags from there.
  7. I love the specials, I got a denim pocket shoulder bag last year for 150.
  8. I bought this bag in black with charcoal a few months ago. It has a cute pink lining and it's big! I love big bags. I paid less than $200 for it!
    Click here: Dooney & Bourke: Sac
  9. I love that bag Kat - good deal!
  10. I bought a large signature quilt desert color e/w slouch bag and I LOVE IT!! All the specials do is suck me in to spend the big bucks on something else... I am waiting for a red sirena bag next week!