Anyone bought an "unlocked" razor phone?

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
I really want the new magenta pink LE razor phone, but have service with another carrier and do not want to change to T-Moble. Has any bought an "unlocked" razor phone? Did it work, etc.

Wow cingular unlocked it for you to be able to use on their system? My hubby found an electronic catalog that has them for $450 but you can get them on eBay for $300 he does not want me to do the eBay thing, but I want to save the extra $.
I bought mine for 450 as well. The phone worked to make calls but I could not send pics or receive nor could I get to my email, download rings etc....Basically it just had to be reprogramed. Again, they were helpful...if you need some help with it I would be happy to give you my number and tell you what we had to do. It is helpful to know what questions to ask, then the IT guys are very helpful. Make sure you tell them that you DID NOT purchase the phone from t mobile or another phone service. They are more inclined to help!