Anyone bought an iPhone 6 folio recently?

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  1. i just collected my pink iPhone 6 folio from store and it appears the inside is lined in microfibre, not the grained calfskin as shown online.
    Can anyone explain if this is a new/old design?
    Not too sure whether to keep it or not....
  2. It's a new model design.

    The leather would crack so they switched it to microfiber.

    My SA had swapped mine when I showed them the leather cracked. Tbh, I like the flexibility of the microfiber.
  3. KEEP!!!! :biggrin: I had the old version and now the new version. This version is SO much better. I talked about it on my instragram but no one pays attn to me. LOL! I was surprised nobody had mentioned it before. This new version makes bending the cover all the way back very nice! It's more flexible. HTH :biggrin: ~ XOXO
  4. I bought mine 9 months ago, it has the calfskin inside and shows signs of cracking. I wonder if they'd let me exchange it.
  5. How do you know if you have the calfskin? I have one in blue, no issues so far!
  6. Can anyone show pics of the microfibre inside? I'm getting a Folio soon too and I'd be curious how different it is and how it looks.
  7. The microfiber is from behind the adhesive all the way underneath the left cover pocket

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  8. Thanks for posting it! That's good to know and now I know what to look for when I go back to the store. I might be getting the damier graphite with the blue interior or the monogram eclipse.
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  9. I wish they made the pockets microfiber too so it's gentle on the the screen when you close it. But most screens rarely scratch anyway so the leather is fine.
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  10. By the way mine is the iPhone 6 Plus folio but I'm sure the iPhone 6 is the same
  11. Hello! Bakeacookie and bugn! Is the microfiber better (more durable and flexible) than the old version? I purchased the old version last january. Had to exchanged it for the same item last feb due to cracking issue. Then last week i noticed that the glazing on the front cover peeled off. I talked to my SA and she gladly told me that she will replace my item with the new one (microfiber version). Now I'm thinking if i will get it if the item arrives since i like the grained calf skin interior than the microfiber.
  12. I find the microfiber more flexible and durable because of the flexibility. I had the same issues as you. First the glazing, so it got replaced. Then the cracking in the leather and canvas so they replaced it again for the microfiber one.

    I like the microfiber one. It's not stiff so I can fold it back and it feels lighter. It also breaks in faster and is more flush to the phone IMO.
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  13. Mine has a little cracking, the old version , but I love it so much I haven't changed it out. I want more patterns and I will buy another one! I like the sound of the new microfiber!
  14. About 5 weeks ago I purchased iPhone 6 folio which has the microfiber. This has been my favorite mobile cover thus far. I was a little disappointed the "p" portion of the made in Spain stamp was not legible, but that's a minor issue/picky. lol
  15. I love mine.. Microfiber version.. [emoji4]
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