Anyone bought a bag from BBOS?

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  1. Have you ladies ever bought a bag from Bag , Borrow and Steel? I have been eyeing one but wasn't sure if it is a good idea to buy from them. If anyone has experience buying from them , good or bad, Any input will be very appreciated!
  2. I recall a recent post a member got some lovely Coach bags. I forget her user name maybe she will post the pics here. I would love to see photos and hear some experiences too!
  3. Yeah, I thought I read a post here too, but could not remember who it was. It will be good to know there is another source for me to indulge in coach bags!
  4. I would do a search on this forum, it's bound to come up (and it has been discussed in other forums here on TPF also...).
  5. :yes: Lots of discussion on this already, please try a search or use the links kindly posted by the others.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.