anyone bought a bag from amazon?

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  1. are amazons bags authentic? i know they are the old stuff! i want to buy a bag for my sister as her wedding gift, but i need help! she loves LV! but i love Gucci!!!
    Help... any ideas??
  2. I have never bought from Amazon because many people have complained that the Pradas they bought from there were fakes that fell apart and Amazon refused to refund their money or even respond to their complaints and still continue to list the bags as authentic. After that I am steering clear.
  3. wow thanks for that! wow i cant believe it....
  4. Also, I don't want to go all conspiracy theory or anything, but I was JUST looking at the negative reviews last week and now they all appear to be gone. There are reviews there that reference the negative reviews and sometimes refute them, but anything with less than four stars has disappeared. I am positive that I read at least a dozen last week so I don't know what is going on, just that personally I would not buy from Amazon unless I was specifically looking for a knock-off (which I'm not).
  5. eek! sketchy! thanks for filling us in girls!
  6. I'm assuming you're buying it through the used&new option. If that's the case, it's not really Amazon that you're dealing with. It's just people that are selling their stuff through Amazon, afterwards when you recieve it, you leave them feedback and etc etc. I guess it's sort of like ebay, without the bidding.
  7. As for my comments above about the fake Pradas, they were not from the used & new section, they were directly from Amazon. Some of the negative reports are still around on a couple of the bags, though there is no longer any mention of them being fake (though its implied by things like the bag falling apart and lack of dust bag): Prada Women's Satchel with Patent Leather Straps: Apparel

    Plus there is a review along with this bag stating that they disagree with the others who said that the bag was fake but the reviews that they disagree with are conspicuously absent: Prada Women's Nylon Satchel,Malva: Apparel

    Again, everyone should make up their own mind about the amazon allegations but personally, I wouldn't buy from them given the risks associated.
  8. I think you should check there return policy. If there is a good one then buy and return if your bag is fake.
  9. I found a great price on a Prada bag thru Amazon and I knew it was too good to be true, but I ordered it anyway. When I got, my suspicions was true, it's a fake. There was three different prices for the same bag first of all. It didn't come with a dust bag and it was wrapped in plastic which was a dead give away.

    I do give kudos to Amazon's customer service tho. I called and told them that I suspect it's a fake and want a full refund and for them to waive the shipping back to them. They said ok. They didn't give me any problems with the return. So overall I was happy because it wasn't a hassle to return and get my credit back.

    Lesson learned -- never buy any bag anywhere besides their own boutique stores and reputable luxury department stores for me from now on.:yes:
  10. im the same way.. i ONLY buy from the actual retail stores, or if i must, eluxury. im glad that everything worked out for you!
  11. I bought a Botkier trigger directly from Amazon and it came without a dust bag, wrapped in plastic, and without an authenticity card. I emailed customer service, and they were great----sent me another before I sent the first one back. Second trigger came with a card, but still no dust bag. I ended up returning them both; I was afraid they weren't authentic because of the missing items, even though they looked okay. I love Amazon, but maybe not for expensive bags.
  12. I think Amazon tries pretty hard to be reputable. I order often from them, and have had no problem. The secondary sellers, though, are a bit more of a gamble, although I think it's manageable so long as the return policy is okay. My husband recently bought me a Movado through an Amazon secondary seller. The price was ridiculously low, so I brought it to a local Movado store to ensure that it was new and authentic. It was. So, bottom line is to be careful, but I really think Amazon is pretty trustworthy.
  13. I bought a couple of Furla bags about 6 months ago. They were authentic and shipped fast!