anyone bothered by MONO turns dark?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My friend rang me and asked about how could she clean LV, cos it turned dark.
    I said to you her that MONO will turn darker and darker, it's normal.
    she hasn't realized that before. She said she won't buy MONO anymore.
    Does anyone bothered by MONO turns dark????
  2. What do you mean by mono turning dark? What kind of bag is it? Are you talking about the vachetta? All bags with vachetta will patina after time. She can try cleaning it with baby wipes or the Mr. Clean Magin Eraser but it will eventually patina over time.
  3. If you mean that the leather is beginning to patina, then I think its something that grows on you. At first I absolutely hated it, and now, I don't even want to use my Mono bags until they start to turn
  4. I love it when vachetta patinas. Gives the bag character! Unfortunately for your friend, there's nothing she can do to bring the light color back.
  5. i think OP was referring to the canvas turning dark over does happen...
  6. The mono canvas will turner darker but not that much - at least not with my Speedy which is about 20 years old; the handles are very dark of course, but not the canvas although I used the bag quite often. But I don't think there is anything you can do about it... I quite like it, it shows that the bag has a history!
  7. NO. In fact I just saw a women today with a speedy 25 and the patina looked gorgeous.
  8. My SA told me that you can do something to the darkened monogram canvas. Check with your store.
  9. your totally right! for awhile I HATED patina..I wanted to keep my bags all as white-leathered as I could...and then my bag started to get a patina and I was mesmerized at how pretty the honey color looked!
  10. I don't mind patina.. to me it adds character to my bags. Means they are well travelled!
  11. one part of the canvas on my Bastille is dark and it's annoying. I need to do something about it. I wonder if the OP is talking about the actual canvas or vachetta...
  12. I love dark canvas & patina. It shows character. It's kind of like the knicks & dings on a trunk. They all tell a story.
  13. I love the darker vachetta on the LV bags, but I hate the black handles... EEK. I am so afraid of my Speedy 40 going handles going black. I have to use lotion on a daily basis... but I find that baby wipes are great for picking up the dirt. They totally cleaned my handles and now they are that honey color that I love. :smile:
  14. Vachetta turns patina is beautiful but I don't like when the handle gets so dark that it looks dirty. I had to clean my Papillon handle very often so it didn't look so dirty.
  15. I am looking forward to the patina on mine. I don't think we can lighten patina, the natural oils darkening the handles/trim are within the vachetta itself; it is only dirt that is being lifted off the vachetta when we clean the handles.