Anyone Book up their summer holiday for 2007?

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone had booked up their summer holiday vacation yet for 2007, I know its a bit early but I have booked mine up.

    Every year (I am in England) I love to go to the States its my favourite place. This year went to Las Vegas for the first time which was brilliant then down to Naples on the Florida Coast.

    Next year booked to go to St. Petes on the Gulf, went quite a few years ago their but as got a long flight from Gatwick decided to spend 3 days here before heading back down to Naples, have the most beautiful beaches and fantaistic shopping plus staying at a really lovely hotel the Ritz Carlton.

    So if you have booked your holiday up let me know where you are going.
  2. we haven't booked it yet, but we've decided we're a) going on one (which is HUGE) and b) where we're going (florida! then a cruise! :yahoo:). it will actually be in october or november's easier with our jobs to take vacations then. we'll probably wait til may or so to actually book it.
  3. Contemplating just going up to my parents for a week in the summer...which is a change because we usually go for Christmas. Other than that....probably just some road trips throughout the US.
  4. Not yet, I am ready for tropical!
  5. Not yet!! Hopefully i go on another cruise.
  6. I want to go to Europe, but we'll most likely end up going to the Dominican.
  7. I must be the only :nuts: on here, I always book my major holiday up in November. The weather is so bad here this time of year I dream of laying on a beach somewhere so book up early. My beach holiday in Naples will be the big holiday but I also am planning to go to New York for the first time. I have always wanted to hit the shops their so hope to do a mini break their also.
  8. Hopefully to the other side of the world...somewhere in Europe!
  9. Me! well its not really a holiday, i actually have booked my flight to Texas where am gonna live from June onwards for next 2/3 yrs or so.
    Looking fwd to summer in June though..I normally have winter around that time in Australia.
  10. last two consecutive years, we went to Bali.... food, sun and beaches, lovely place.... i dont know about next year yet, but i am hoping that i could go to france (or maybe on year 2008) and do some *major* shop... hoping that i could score some nice bags (or accesories) there.........