Anyone biking for transportation or "life"

  1. I just won a bike. Yay! I have been on the fence about getting one for a few years. I wanted one that would be good to replace my car for short trips. But I didn't want to get bike clothing or carry my stuff in a backpack. ;)

    I ended up with a Dutch-styled bike and I am on a mission for accessories.

    Do any of you use your bike for "life?" Shopping, groceries, errands, your commute?
  2. *raises hand* I live in the north, so I've fallen out of my four times a week trips since the weather has turned cold. But a good cargo rack with a trunk or panniers is a must. And where I live, they have to be detachable or they'll get stolen. Get a good u-lock, and take off your front wheel, and lock the wheel to the frame and the bike rack. Also invest in good visibility lights. Ride defensively. Drivers are jerks and think you don't belong on the road. You have every legal right to be there!

  3. Thanks for the great tips! Biking is fairly common where I live for both recreation and "life". When our whole foods opened they had to double the bike parking after a few weeks. :smile:

    I got a from rack, rear rack and detachable rack basket. Still debating on panniers or a basket to handle my purse. And also what to do with the rain. So many of them are so boring! Or so floral. :smile:

    Today I biked over to the bike store to get some lights, went to the farmers market and the grocery store. I also got wheel locks! I chatted with the bike shop employee (who is car less) and he gave me good tips on locking and bike safety in my area.

    We have an ok network of bike lanes, but there are some disconnects that need to be resolved.

    I need a good rain cape and perhaps a vest for visibility and I will be all set!
  4. Yay for bikes! Dutch bikes are so cute too!! I would definitely put that to use if I were you. I had a cruiser for awhile for leisure riding and exercise but I recently switched over to a hybrid bike which I try to use for "life"---ride to the library, pharmacy, to the gym (it's awesome so I don't have to worry about parking), and around for exercise.