Anyone bid on something then immediately regret it?

  1. Just bid and won a YSL handbag, only to realize ten seconds later that I really don't need it...nor really want it...but somehow got caught up in the whole, "I can't let it go for that cheap!" craze. I contemplated being a bad buyer and asking the seller if I could just pay for the listing fees and back out, but ultimately I just sucked it up and paid for the thing. I'll probably just get it and turn around and resell it. Anyone else have the same problem as me?:p
  2. Oh yeah, I've been there! I've made some mistakes and bid on things I DEFINITELY do not need. Luckily I was outbit on the more expensive items (a LV blue speedy, a MJ multipocket to name a couple) and that was such a relief!

    I would have been a good buyer like you and just sucked it up and paid for it.
  3. I felt that way about my white Ferragamo tote I got a year and a half ago, I felt guilty for splurging on an expensive purse, but I've loved it so much ever since I opened the box it came in! I use it at least twice a week as I scurry all over campus for classes and stuff, it's really been worth it after all, I'm glad I stopped regretting it after I opened the box. It was like Christmas!
  4. Yep, I have done that more than once. And, I regret it afterwards, but I always love the items when they come. As you said you can use it a couple times and always resell it.
  5. I just did that with a cellphone, I was relieved I was outbid and the there was a bid change and I ended up winning it. Still waiting for it to arrive, not even excited LOL
  6. Oh, we've the same problem :lol: I won LV bags ( 4 times ) then realized I actually not too like the style but the price I won pretty cheap :lol:

    Def. I can't ask seller to do mutual agreement, I affraid she'll give me strike or blocked me so I pay then re-sell in other auction site ;)
  7. Definitely - especially after a glass or two of wine:tispy: . A friend of mine (and it really was a friend, not me!) was very surprised when an Ipod turned up that she'd won and paid for after a very good night out!
  8. p.s. and well done you for following through on the transaction :angel: !
  9. This happened to me the other day. I did a best offer, and it was rejected. Well... I hated the feeling of rejection, so I quickly did a higher offer. Of course, at this new higher price, I no longer wanted the item as badly. And the she accepted the new offer! Wahhh! And to make it worse, it's coming from overseas so I'll probably have to pay customs. Wahhhh!!

    I always follow through on my commitments, so I paid promptly and am now waiting for the handbag. And who knows? I might love it :smile: If not, I'll just take it as a lesson learned.

    (OH. And the worst part is that I reviewed the auction after I paid and noticed that it doesn't come with a detachable shoulder strap. DOH!)
  10. Oh yes! Again thankfully not too expensive - glad you paid up I always do! :yes:
  11. I think most of us have made a purchase we later regretted. Impulse buying is a handbag lover's hazard!
  12. I totally agree.

    Luckily I was outbid most times. A few times I have had to resell them (and pay those horrible eBay fees).
  13. Yup yup. I once got caught up in bidding for a bbag that was an amazing price but a color I didn't really want... so while I got a great deal at appx. $550, I still spent $550!!!!!! :wtf: I immediately sold it on eBay again.
  14. Yes, I also backed out once on buying a juicy couture bag on eBay but I offered to pay their fees and luckily they accepted my offer. :smile:
  15. Yep, I've done that a few times and prayed I'd be outbid. When I wasn't I just bought it and either resold it or gave it to a family member.