Anyone been to.....

  1. Hermes in Toronto?

    Starting today I am going to start saving for my first Birkin. Since being on this forum I am in love with these bags, and I do not feel that I will be whole until I own one ;) I would like my first to be a very practical 30 or 35cm Black in Togo leather with Palladium hardware (did I say that right?) Boring I know, but I will use this all the time. I'll save a coloured one for my second or for a Kelly.

    I'm going to take the plunge and go into Hermes on Bloor in Toronto sometime this week. Just wondering if any one has been, how are the SA's? Anyone in particular I should talk to? etc

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel, SpecialK! Once you hold an Hermes bag in your hand, you'll never want anything else. Don't worry about your first visit to Hermes....I was a bit intimidated but then each visit after that first one got easier and easier. My third visit was when I purchased my scarf and zippy little Vespa bag which I use every day at work. I'm now on the hunt for a Kelly!
  3. Hey!

    I've been to the Bloor Hermes, and I had good service. Usually I tend to have rather poor service at such places due to my age, but they were pretty good. I don't remeber the name of the SA who helped me but she spent alot of time with me and answered all my questions. All the people there at the time seemed pretty helpful. Hope that helps, and good luck with getting you Birkin!
  4. YAY!!! One more addict to share the euphoria and make us happy!

    I don't think you can EVER go wrong with Black Togo Birkin!! I can't wait to see it in your arms....:graucho:
  5. Good luck, Special K - keep us updated!
  6. Yes, good luck!
  7. Best of luck K! :biggrin:
  8. Wish you the best of luck with your visit!
  9. Good luck!
  10. hi everyone, I'm new to the thread, and I'm living in Toronto too.

    Special K, do you have any luck getting a birkin in Toronto?? How was your shopping experience in Bloor Hermes?? Any SA that is helpful and nice?? Is the waitlist still open??

    I want to get a Gold/Tan 35cm Togo myself. Does anyone know what is the price?

    Thanks a lot!!
  11. The price in the US is $7400. Even if you convert US $ into Canadian $, the price may still vary. In Europe, Birkins are cheaper than in the US, not sure about Canada.
  12. hi everyone,

    Is it easier to get bolide or or plume from Hermes store? My goal is Birkin, but I like bolide & plume as well, will that help me to build up the relationship with the SA?? Any advises, thanks!!

  13. SO true. I'm so glad other people feel this way so I don't feel like I'm crazy.

    specialk, welcome to the club for those bitten by the Hermes bug. :flowers: :girlsigh: Your choice in a birkin sounds beautiful..not boring at all. Many people choose to get a practical birkin their first time around and save the colors for their next bag.
  14. Yes, MUCH easier. I know my local stores have been getting quite a few Bolides. You can even buy Bolides from stores outside your home state/country, which is not even possible with Birkins and sometimes, Kellys.
  15. Yes, It has been told to me, (in not so many words), that if you spend X amount of money, or go regularly and buy when you visit, a SA will 'remember' to give you a call. Now, IF I knew what X was.....

    Also, I do seem too see ALOT of Bolides at these stores.