Anyone been to Williamsburg, IA outlet lately?

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  1. I was going to wait until next month, but with news of the Tanger coupon, well... :P

    Just wondering if I should make the trek this weekend or wait. Anything good?
  2. I went last week!

    I really didn't pay attention to any of the MFF stuff.

    They had some of the smaller Kristin hobos in the clearance and some Kristin satchels in the 30% off section along with Maggies. I think there were also some Madison Hippies as well.

    I can't really remember much else TBH. I'm planning on going either tonight/tomorrow to return the Kristin hobo I bought because I just can't deal with the color (taupe)! I wish they had black.
  3. Would you update when you get back and lemme know what's there? I'm on the fence and need some persuading to go tomorrow while DH works. :P
  4. Will do! Didn't end up going tonight but will definitely try to hit it tomorrow. :smile:
  5. Alright back from the outlet!

    Had a couple Maggies, in white and embossed croc. Peach Madison Hippie, a couple Kristin hobos in taupe.

    Lots of Poppy Groovys, some Julia totes and a couple Kristin hobos in the fabric denim colors.

    Really not much there!