Anyone been to Tuscola outlet lately?

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  1. Has anyone been to the Tanger Outlet in Tuscola, Illinois lately?
  2. I was there about a week ago. I got a teal lindsay. They had tons of stuff, and were unloading boutique transfers. I would recommend a trip.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking about going tomorrow (it is a two hour trip for me). How much was the lindsay. Were they doing any sales, 50% or 10% off?
  4. The lindsay was $280. They had TONS of stuff 50% off. They also had zoes for 30% off, carlys for 40% off, pleated ergo satchels, etc.
  5. Has anyone been to Tuscola recently? I'm trying to decide to if I want to make the trip to Osage or Branson or just head to Tuscola...thanks!
  6. I'd go to Tuscola, They store is smaller but they have a better selection. They have Peytons and other bags that lake of the Ozarks doesn't have yet.
    I love lake of the Ozarks but they get their stuff after the other stores.
  7. Thanks!
  8. I was here today and they had a ton of stuff!!! Red patent leahter peyton, all kinds of Zoes, miranda, a python swingpack going for $650!!, good wristlets for $39, a natural gigi, several lindsays, a lot of garcia legacy stuff, the good planners for over 50% off, and the silver sabrina I scored for 75% off!!!!! :yahoo: They had a lot of great stuff, so if you are looking for something specific, pm me and I will let you know if they had it!
  9. You are soo lucky! I have called them 3 times this week and they told me no Sabrinas! I called again and talked to a different SA and she was nice and told me about the tan sabrina!! (The one color I do not care for)