Anyone been to this outlet?

  1. Anyone been to the outlet in Edinburgh, Indiana???

    If so, what kind of selection do they have?

    I really want to make a trip up there soon. I think it's about an hour and a half from here.
  2. You can call and ask in general what lines they have now or if you have a specific style # on hand, you can call and ask if they have it.
  3. I don't really have anything particular in mind I just wanted to know if they had a decent selection, size of store, etc.
  4. I was just there yesterday! That's the only outlet that I have been to, so I don't personally know how it compares in size/selection. However, I've heard that the outlet in Michigan City has more. They didn't have much as far as the recent styles that went to the outlet. They had a few of the brown laced leather hobos as well as the blue laced leather satchels. There were also burgundy suede large hobos, satchels and soft duffels, brown/black pleated hobos, brown patchwork totes and duffels, and quite a few signature bags (including a pretty red signature that I've never seen before). All the sale stuff was an extra 20% off. Have fun if you go!
  5. Only outlet I have been to is the one in Myrtle Beach back in August during my vacation.

    They had some stuff 40% most outlets have this?
  6. Only for certain lines they're trying to get rid of IMO. Like the 40% off was on the hamptons line in the outlets I went to for Labor Day and people were just grabbing them all.
  7. Yeah, I got the yellow optic small hobo bag (very summery lol) in Myrtle Beach for $89 including tax in August. I think it retailed for $198. Gotta love deals like that.
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