Anyone been to the Tanger Outlet in North Mrytle Beach,SC?

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  1. I was wondering what's out and how's the selection there? I'll be going there in a couple of weeks.:yahoo:
  2. I just came back from vacation there - there are now TWO Coach outlets - a new Tanger Outlet was just built - 12 miles from the old one -
    They had a lot of good stuff - Carlys, etc. - wish I would tell you the names but not good at that
    Happy Shopping!
  3. oh thanks so much.....I hope they will still have carlys when I go there next week....
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    I visit MB often and can tell you that the Coach outlet at Tanger on Hwy. 17 doubled in size last spring and is GREAT. According to the SA I spoke with, they tend to get the more special bags that occasionally come in (a special edition, etc.) a little more than the outlet on Hwy. 501. When they do get one of the harder to find bags, it may only be one or two and they put their deliveries out first thing in the morning. It doesn't hurt to ask if you are looking for something in particular, in case they haven't put everything out or if they would check the other outlet. Also, you can get to the outlets on Hwy. 501 very quickly and avoid the traffic by getting on 22 (just north of the Hwy. 17 outlets) and then taking 31 (south, I think) which will take you to 501 just a little east of the Tanger 501 Outlets. Good Luck!! Be sure and post any of the treasures you find! (I did snag some great little $12 signature style change purses that will make for nice little teacher gifts and Christmas.)
  5. oh thanks for the info.....:tup: I can't wait to see what they have...