Anyone been to the Park City, Utah outlet before?

  1. We will be in the area on vacation and wondered if that outlet was any good. What types of things do they typically carry? Thanks!
  2. Hi fellow TPFers, my best friend's hubby will be going to this Tangar outlet at Park City, Utah UT. This seems a pretty quiet outlet, not many people seem to talk about it. Any idea what bags are available there? Thank you! :sunnies
  3. This is a good question, I wonder why no one every speaks of this outlet?
  4. oopsididitagain, I know! I have tried to find what people say about this outlet but there's really not much out there. :sweatdrop:

    COACH bags are very expensive in Singapore so the only way we can indulge is to ask whoever travels to the US to help us buy! But you know men...have to tell them EXACTLY what to buy or else they can't decide / dunno what to buy. And this is my buddy's hubby, he's going to Salt Lake City for business and not holiday, so it's not like I could get him to call the outlet then let us know what's available (IF he could even remember the names :lol:

    So if any ladies live near Park City and have been to this Coach outlet, please please pretty please help me! TIA :ty:
  5. bumping up the thread...has anyone ever been to this outlet before? Or is it the "best kept secret" :graucho::nuts:
  6. Yes, I am MudpieViVi's best friend and my hubby is indeed to go to this outlet to shop for both of us! :smile:

    I have no idea what's available at this outlet, so I am just going to give him to look out for Kristin and maybe Peyton for me.
  7. :lolots: buddy, looks like we must send in our foreign correspondent (KA) BLIND! :p Poor him, gotta help us look judge decide & buy back! LOL

    xin ku him le :hugs:
  8. I used to live in Utah and would frequent this outlet. This was about 4 years ago so bear that in mind. It's on the smaller side but not tiny. They would get full price store transfers fairly regularly back then. There are no full price Coach stores in Utah so the outlet is all they've got!
  9. Thank you! =)

    I will just tell my hubby to get me 2 handbags, 2 wallets and 2 key fobs. =P
  10. I went there when I went to park city for skiing. I mean I have only been there once but looks like not many people are responding.

    If you know what day he's going to the outlet you can call them that morning (I don't know what your phone call rates are from there) and see if the bags you want are there and if they can hold them.
    That way when he gets there he doesn't have to look around, the purses, etc are already waiting there.
    Good luck!
  11. We are from Singapore but international calls are quite ok. :smile: Now you are tempting mr with this option. How many days can they hold for us?

    Thank you for such a great suggestion! :smile:))
  12. Usually 48 hour hold. :smile:
  13. If OP's SO holds it on his card I guess he could charge hold it for 14 days since he'll be there to pick it up right?
  14. My Hubby has left for salt lake city today. I have given him my wishlist and hate-list. Haha

    I have decided to let him choose 2 bags and 1 wallet for me. I told him no matter what, I will still love the stuff he buy for me. :smile:))

    It's indeed tempting to call up the outlet but I'm worried what if all the bags in my wishlist are available... Haha that will be tough for me and my hubby's wallet.

    Thank you ladies for the advice! I hope to be able to step into a outlet one day! :smile:))
  15. Thank you lynzby, mytwocents and bunnymasseuse! & Thank you AhCapp (& hubby) for your help! :tpfrox: