anyone been to the outlets in Florence, italy?

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  1. i'm going to rome/florence in feb. i've read about the outlet mall outside of florence. are the deals that good even with our declining dollar?
  2. I went to the Gucci Outlet 5 yeara ago and it was okay. Lots of clothes, accessories but I still like the Gucci outlets in the US. Have fun!
  3. The things you can buy in Florence and at the street venders at a flee market of sorts they are only once a month so you'll have to see if they are going on when you are in Rome there are fabulous deals and make sure you buy twice as many as you want and give them or sell them when you get back the prices are fantastic even with the exchange rate being what it is But beware of fakes they are in Rome too! Lots of them! Guchi Coach Versace look alike bags and leather goods so know your stuff and have fun and take LOTS of shopping $$$$ with you!
  4. I've been to The Mall, just outside Florence. I've seen bags range from 100-500 euros. The cheapest ones were non-leather pochettes such as burberry. The more expensive ones were labels such as Gucci and Ferragamo.
  5. I've been to the Mall outlet, I bought my Burberry Mini Cinda leather bag for about 67% off. There are a lot of shops ( Gucci, Fendi, BV, Burberry...), you can good deals. Don't go there searching for the IT bag, you won't find any Spy or Bbag, but most bags are really lovely:love: . The only that made me sad was that at Gucci's everyone was searching for monogram bags and were all disappointed because they don't have them...and they didn't care for the most beautiful leather bags I had seen in my life..
    if you need further help (f.i. how to find the Mall or other outlets there) pls. feel free to pm me.
  6. Hey, believe it or not, i'll be in florence in jan/feb..will definitely visit the outlets
  7. silly me, I has the number in my cell phone all along!

    if you want to book a car to The Mall, ring the customer service line on 00 39 055 865 7775. if youy're staying around piazza repubblica they'll pick you up, otherwise you can arrange to meet the car outside the Savoy Hotel. the cars are 7 seeven seater so they might make a couple of stops. they allow you three hours of shopiing once you are there.