Anyone been to the mall of america coach store?

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  1. I'm going to Minnesota for a wedding and doing some shopping at the Mall of America! I'm wondering what the coach store there is it flagship? I've been wanting to get into a flagship store for a while but haven't had the chance and I'd love to see all the bags I haven't seen in real life!
  2. I can't answer your question, but be a super sleuthing Coach girl and take us some phone pics if you can . . . I too would love to get inside a flagship store.
  3. Hi~
    I've been to the coach store at MOA several times. It isn't a flagship, just an average, smallish boutique--not even the best in the area. From what I've seen it doesn't even carry Legacy. Unfortunately the nearest flagship that I know of is in Chicago! If you have some extra time I'd suggest taking the 1hr drive to the outlet in Albertville (google search Albertville Premium Outlets for directions). Its never crowded and has a decent selection.
  4. I wont really have extra time because my mom and I are fitting in all my fall shopping this one day since I'm heading back to school so soon! There is a flagship store by me at Tysons Galeria, but I've never had a reason to go there since I usually shop at the regular Tysons corner. I guess I'll have to stop in there to see all the new stuff!
  5. I've been to the MOA store a few times. I don't think it's any bigger or different than the one I usually go to in the Southdale Mall. I've never been to the Coach Outlet in Albertville. I think I'll make a trip up there sometime in the near future though.
  6. I go to the MOA coach store and I think they are great. The MOA store is small, but I think all of the coach stores in the msp/st paul area are small. The ladies are absolutely wonderful at the moa and do whatever to make you happy. I always try to buy from that store vs others in the area. And no, they are not a flagship store, although I wish they were. That would be nice.