Anyone been to the Magic Castle??

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  1. So I'm here laying in bed, on tPF, and watching like my favorite channel on TV, the Food Network!! This show was about magical food, and I saw they showed this really cool place called Magic Castle. It's over 50 years old and it's a private club for magicians. They need membership to go there, but when they get it, they can watch up close shows of magic, dine there, and enjoy the castle with its hidden bookshelves that are doors, magical piano that plays on its on, and rub shoulders with fellow magicians! Members also can give visitors passes to go into the Castle. The place was built to seem like your in another world, a world of its own. How cool does this place sound?? I totally wanna go there!! Anyone been there?? I definately would go if I ever got offered a pass!! You can read more about it here.
  2. The Magic Castle is AWESOME! It's in LA.

    I have friends who are members and the parties there are fabulous!
  3. :wtf: OMG YOU'VE BEEN THERE?!!!? I'm dying to go!! I mean its like, on my wish list of things to do before I die!! They have parties there?? OMG, you're soooo lucky!!
  4. I've never been there, but my little sister's best friend's brother used to be a junior magician there. I heard it's really neat... I actually declined an invite, because it fell on the day of my birthday that I already had plans for, but now I wish I didn't! I hope to check it out someday as well!
  5. Omigosh, I've been there and it's so awesome! I attended USC in LA and worked on campus for the Comm school. My old boss loves magic tricks and has a membership there. So at the end of the year, he took all his workstudy students there and treated us to dinner, drinks, and shows. It was sooo cool! Seriously, I didn't want to leave!

    I definitely highly recommend this place! :tup:
  6. Have been invited but have never gone! I would love to go one of these days.
  7. Oh my god, that is so neat! I really want to go. I watched a TV show that took place in a similar place.
  8. One of the best places in LA.

    It is definitely by invitation only, but invitations are readily given out by members. I once was given an invitation by an IHop manager :yes:

    The food is good, but a bit pricey. Children are only allowed on Sunday Brunch (if I remember correctly), and for the evening shows, Formal attire is required.
  9. How very cool! Gotta get to know a magician....

  10. ahahaa, thats what i'm saying!! lol. ATTN: if any ladies here get an invite again, and you can't make it. PLEASE GIMME!! hehehee, it would make my CENTURY!! lmao!! and ill love you fooooorever!!
  11. no, i've never even heard of it...but i thought i had to comment that i often watch food network too! one time my roommate and i watched a marathon for like 5 hours on how they make certain foods! it was awesome.

    i also am a travel channel junkie. i have watched the disney world special about 5 times cause it always reminds me of my good memories from disney lol
  12. HAHA that is awesome!

    I am Trojan too and that's how I knew people to get in! USC rocks! :tup:
  13. It's really a cool place - my dad took me there once years ago for our b-day dates (dad and I had b-days one day apart, so we had our special b-day dates each year) and I still remember it as one of our best "date" nights ever.
  14. I want to go!!! This looks so awesome, I have always been fascinated with magic and this would be so fantastic to see.

    If anyone has an invite or knows a member and can hook it up PLEASE let a girl know!!