Anyone been to the Las Vegas Outlet lately??

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  1. I was there a couple of weeks ago but have a chance to go tomorrow and am wondering if anyone has been there real recently and knows what goodies they had?? :confused1:
    I am soo excited!! :nuts: Pathetic.. I am getting pathetic.. lol
  2. which one are you going to? I'm just curious, I love the Vegas outlets, they have some really good ones other than Coach too!

    and it's totally not pathetic!
  3. I am probably going to the premium outlets only, the ones in primm are a bit too far, but we are going to california in 2 weeks and I will hit the one in primm and in carlsbad... I just can't wait that long!! We live about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from the outlets in Vegas and it is just killing me!!! I have been there so much lately.. yikes!! :shocked:
  4. the premium outlet is the best one, good choice!

    If you have time, the las vegas outlet center one is only a little ways down the highway (just past MGM and Mandalay Bay area), they just opened a Coach one there in the last year, no signature but it's a nice store. I like to go to both! :yes:

    Have so so so much fun, I'm jealous!
  5. I was there about a month ago and couldnt stay in there for more than 2 was hot and funky in there not to mention overcrowded so my sister, brother and I left!:sweatdrop: That's the second time I have been in there and I live here in Vegas...oh and this was the Premium Outlet off of I-15 and Charleston...I've never been to any of the other outlets here...
  6. its crazy crowded at that one. I bet soon enough they'll move into a larger space. Hold onto your own purse tight so you don't get pickpocketed and if you see something you like grab it and carry it around with you! you can always put it back

    I think there was on tpf'er on this board who had some crazy man who hardly spoke english try to swipe one of her bags she wanted to purchase from right in front of her when she was about to pay!
  7. Oh really? So that's an outlet? I will definately have to check that out, thanks for the tip!! :wlae:
  8. No kidding.. I went there about 2 weeks ago and there was like a 15-20 minute wait in line just to get INTO the store.. it was crazy.. but alas, I waited... :roflmfao: That is 99% of the reason I go to Vegas now!! :supacool:
  9. shameless bump :woohoo:
  10. Not pathetic at all! I get SOOOO excited when I know I get to go to an outlet! ^^; I've been to Vegas 3 times in the past two years but never got a chance to go to the outlets. :sad: In fact; I'd never thought of it. :sweatdrop: I'm definitely gonna make a trip next time we are out there. :nuts:
  11. Oh man.. I know I think back to all the years I have been to Vegas and drove right past without even knowing, before I was a coach fan.. :crybaby:all of the purses I missed out on!! Probably a good thing in the end, atleast for my wallet!! :P I will definately be there tomorrow, holding my breath!!!