Anyone been to the Hermès in Palm Beach?

  1. We have a shop in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue. Going to pay it a visit this week! :wlae:
  2. Definitely can't wait to hear that report! Have fun!
  3. I was there last month - it's a lovely store, but not many bags. One of the SAs told me that they were still in their post-holiday "slump" and waiting for the newer stuff. I bought a pink clic-clac and an orange Ulysse.

    Happy hunting and report back on what you find!!
  4. Thanks girls, I will. I am eyeing a couple of scarves.
  5. ooh have fun. and make sure to wear 2 of the same shoes!
  6. I will be in the area for a full month soon visiting family and frankly am hesitant to venture into this boutique after reading about some extremely poor service. After having such fantastic (fall over themselves to help you service) in California, I don't wish to have my Hermes bubble burst. Please report in to see if maybe attitudes have changed! :smile:
  7. I certainly will. I plan on going this week.
  8. I was in the PB boutique about 2 weeks ago. I saw a lovely folded Kelly there that had just been put on hold. The SA said that that bag would probably be the only one they would get. It seemed hard to get a foothold in the store to acquire any bags but the SA I used was very nice.
  9. The PB store has recently moved a few doors over and across the street. I think they had a Grande opening this past week.

    The new location is bright and sunny. Cheekers, I found two pretty plisse scarves when I was there and was helped by a fabulous new SA, Anna. I just loved her....
  10. Have been to this boutique in the off season only when it is a dead as a doornail. They were very nice, but I question how much they really know as I have been given incorrect info about a few things.
  11. Cheekers and gazoo, be sure to ask for Anna....
  12. ^^ THANKS! Always great to actually request a specific person upon entering! :tender:
  13. Been there, done that!, Is a very small store.