anyone been to the coach outlet lately??

  1. have the soho small hobos made it there yet? i kind of want one as a kick around rainy day bag, but really don't want to pay full price. the outlet is almost three hours from my house so i don't want to make a trip down there if i don't need to. although, when is a shopping trip never *not* needed? :smile: also, does anyone know if the tassles on the zipper pull detach? not a fan of tassels. :smile:
  2. I went to the Las Vegas outlets, and I did see some hobos like that. Give your outlet a call though before you go down there and see!
  3. I have a bag like this but bigger and the tassel doesn't detach. I'm pretty sure the tassel doesn't detach on this model either. It's attached to the zipper with a dogleash closure, but the dogleash closure doesn't actually open.

    Hope you find a bag to fit your needs :smile:
  4. i went to the coach outlet in niagara about a month ago and they had those hobos in the larger size for sure, can't remember if they had that size. they did in the signature pattern though. the tassle isn't detachable. i had a version of that bag a few years ago without the tassle.
  5. Oooh oh, I have a question for anyone that's been to any Coach outlets lately too !! I've been wanting this hobo for a while, but I thought I'd just hold out until it hit the outlets, has anyone seen it ? I think I would have to do some serious self kicking if it turns out it never ended up at the outlets since it just sold out in the stores.

  6. There's no coach outlets in AZ :sad: Ayla, I might hit the one in Cabazon, CA in a few weeks...I'll let you know what I find.
  7. Okay, thanks !! :amuse:
  8. I see the leather hobos all the time when I go to the Coach outlet. I remember seeing brown, white, black, pink suede, etc. last Nov.
  9. i bought a soho small hobo in that color from the ny woodbury outlet last year. it looks exactly the same, except that it does not have the tassle.
  10. At the Coach outlet I occassionally go to they said that they will not sell the Signature C coaches in the outlet- it is for the Coach store only- is that really true?
  11. the woodbury outlet sells signature bags...
  12. No. The outlet in las vegas sells signature stuff once in a while.
  13. Some outlets don't carry signature items. It could be due to the proximity to an actual Coach store (e.g. if it's too close to a real Coach store, why would anyone buy at retail when they can go to the outlet).. or just other reasons, but that's what I've heard. The Niagara Falls outlet carries signature items, as does the Waterloo, NY one !
  14. When I was in Las Vegas, they had the smaller hobo with the pink and the one with the yellow/gold. I didn't see the big one though.
  15. Drat ! Thanks for the info though ! :amuse: