Anyone been to Tanger Outlets Coach in Riverhead, NY??!! Lately?!

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  1. Hi!!! I was going to plan an adventure to the outlets in Riverhead, Ny this weekend. Just wondering if anyone has been their within the past couple of days and give me the "down low" about what goodies they have!!
    Thanks! I got a bonus from work and can't wait to get a nice spring bag with it!!! shhhh don't tell the b/f. hehe

  2. No one wants to answer??! :confused1:
  3. I was there about 2 weeks ago but my memory sucks! They had a bunch of all leather carlys (plum, red) and some siggy carlys. A lot of ergo satchels, some satin sig satchels (which were still in the boutiques at that time!), 4 different kinds of was in and out pretty quickly due to a time constraint so Im sorry i cant remember more....