Anyone been to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before?

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  1. I had a great economy class flight from Bangkok naar Singapore with Thai Airways... the service was superbe and it was really cheap
  2. I just got back from Singapore/Malaysia!

    How old are you? If you're in your 20s and 'backpacking,' I can recommend some hostels and night spots.
  3. Im going to Malaysia/Singapore 1. March! Thinking of doing KL first, then travel up to some of the islands, then go back down to Singapore :heart: Booked Traders Hotel in KL, looks fantastic! Cant wait to escape the Norwegian winter :smile:
  4. DH has to be in Kula Lumpur for business this 20th and we are all going! My parents-in-law will be flying from Rome to join us too! What a trip it will be! Love the food..
  5. To add on the comprehensive list about Singapore,

    if u are going free and easy, take time to use the MRT system (mass-rapid-train) on off peak hours as you will save alot for taxi fares and arrive instantly in the heart of Orchard Road.
    For heritage places like Little India, China Town, Geylang, the place itself is avail on the MRT system, which is very convenient for you to travel back to your hotel, which will most probably be in orchard road.

    head down to the heartlands such as Woodlands for causeway point shopping centre, bukit batok/ jurong east for a taste of living in the neighbourhood with small coffeeshops and cheap local delights.

    Not to miss will be the place of interest, Sentosa, (you need to stop at harbour front). You can take a cablecar from harbour front to Sentosa. Check out the website for all the attractions within! My favourite would be the underwater world whereby you can see the beautiful dugong which is going in extinction and the pink dolphin lagoon whereby you can touch them and take photos with them!

    After Sentosa, remember to head down to Vivo City, a large shopping centre facing sentosa. There, you can enjoy alfresco dining among the numerous restaurants and bars to choose from!

    You can also visit the ZOO for a night safari or day trip there! If you are travelling with children, bring your bikinis and swim suits along and you can have fun in the water at the newly setup Kidz World!

    For local delights, head down to Newton Mrt at Newton hawker centre or take a taxi to East Coast Food Lagoon and try the following:

    1. Chinese:
    -Ba Chor Mee (Chinese springy noodles with spicy chili and minced pork, pork balls, sliced pork)
    - Laksa (thick rice noodles with Spicy coconut gravy, fish cake, prawns and cockles)
    - Hainanise chicken rice ( flavored rice with fresh sliced steamed chicken or roasted chicken, the secret lies in the chili and ginger sauce)
    -Char Kuey Teow ( flat rice noodles stir fried in sweet black soy sauce, egg, fish cakes and cockles)

    2. Malay:
    - Satay (Meat kababs with spicy peanut sauce)
    - Mee Siam ( thin rice noodles in lime and prawns gravy with egg)
    - Mee rebus ( yellow noodles in thick peanuts gravy with egg)

    3. Indian
    - Roti Prata ( indian pancake that is crispy and served with meat curry_
    -Thosai (Indian healthy pancakde served with 3 different curry sauces)
    - Mee goreng (yellow noodles stir fried till it is red and spicy)

    and many more fresh sambal seafood to choose from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Typing all these makes me hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ENjoy and PM me if you need more help!
  6. ^ Your comprehensive list of food made me want to walk out to buy myself a crazy amount of food! :P

  7. Go ahead! You deserve it! I will always pretend that Im in the context of being in a holiday resort to give myself an excuse to snack and have supper at times!
  8. stuff's cheaer in malaysia...
    but i recommend Heeren (orchard) and Far East Plaza (scotts road, at the Tang's side of orchard) for singaporean brands.