Anyone been to Seattle Premium lately?

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  1. Curious as to what they have been getting in, since I have some merchandise credit coming to me.
  2. Anyone?
  3. i was there on saturday . they had tons of pleated ergo satchels in patent black, magenta? and burnt orange. they had one brown lindsay. tons of sig stripe totes. ergo convertible?. tons of carlys. zoe wallets. new legacy shoulder flaps in bronze. they had the amanda mini skinny's, cosmetic cases, and the plum leather planners. they had a lot of cute accesories. i went a week before last saturday and manage to snag a ellie satchel for 50% off. i also went to northbend on saturday and got a teal lindsay. they also had a gray lindsay and the brown lindsay. and a lot of the madison mini skinny's. i manage to snag a madison wristlet in berry for $20.00!
  4. Was it leather or fabric Ellie satchel? thanks
  5. Oh thanks! :tup:
  6. here is a picture of the ellie satchel. i was very surprised to see it there.
    it was about $280

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