Anyone been to Saks today?

  1. So today is the first day of their "50% off" sale. If you bought something, was it 50 percent off the last ticked price or what? I'm confused because I was told it was 50% off the last price but the SA rang up my item differently more like 30% off the last price (a phone order).
  2. I was wondering the same thing. Anyone go yet today?
  3. I was at Saks today and it's 50% off the sale price (they even have signs that say "50% off the ticketed price")!!!!! AWESOME deals!!!! I went there RIGHT before they opened and there were tons of people waiting outside already!!!!

    I saw a red patent leather MJ bag, which I loved, got distracted for a minute and it was GONE!!!! I was VERY sad...:sad:(
  4. Oh no, you have to be quick! I hope everything isn't gone by this Saturday!
  5. likeafeather77, where are you located? which Saks did you go to?
  6. I went to Saks in NYC. Surprisingly, they didn't have many bags on sale. I remember they had a lot more last year. And people that walked in as soon as the store opened were all over them!...:crybaby:

    Two of the MJ bags were gone in the first five minutes. And I snatched the only Chanel...:yahoo:
  7. Congrats on your messenger bag! TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. likefeather, did you look at the other stuff, shoes, clothes? Is it worth it to go? If it is, I can go on Saturday. And which chanel did you buy?
  9. I didn't look at anything else. I didn't have much time! I had an appointment at 11am, so I had to leave the store at 10:30.

    The Chanel that I got was the Cambon Messenger bag in black with white CC.
    mess4.1.JPG mess1.1.JPG
  10. Wow, that's a beautiful bag! Congrats!
  11. Here's what I picked up today. I went in the afternoon to the Beverly Hills store. There was really not much... The shoes were really picked over... There was a great deal on the black Mulberry Phoebe, $400, but I decided it was too heavy.

    This Jimmy Choo came to $300 with tax. Orig price, $795. Good deal! The bag is the perfect size and is lightweight. I hope the metallics stay in fashion for a while!
  12. I went to Saks today. I saw different racks with 50% off or 40% off. So it could be something that was on the wrong rack maybe.. I bought jeans & the 50% off was off the lowest ticketed price =)
  13. Yep I was there as well. Bought a pair of Manolo's ridiculously cheap.:wlae:
  14. Better pic of my new Jimmy Choo... Cute, right?
  15. Love it! I thought the black cambon wasn't on sale? Hope you got a great bargain on it, what did the price come out to be? Wish I had more initiative to go to my Saks but last time I was there on Sunday there was nothing good left.
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