Anyone been to Portugal in the winter?

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  1. I'm heading to Lisbon and Porto in December and am at an utter loss on what to wear. I've been to Portugal in the summer and love it but have never been there (or anywhere in Europe) in the winter. From what I've read, the weather is inconsistent and can be rainy, but it doesn't get as cold as other places in Europe (I live in NY so I know about cold winters). So, for anyone who has been to Portugal in the winter, what should I pack? Is a Burberry quilted coat sufficient? Do I need something warmer? Are boots appropriate? Any help you can provide is appreciated.
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  2. I was in Barcelona last December, the weather was really pleasant!!! Think spring/early summer! Tshirt weather during the day, light jacket or sweater at night!
  3. Winter is more mild than NY.
    Some rain, but in bursts--not all day. Wind. Colder in evenings. Waterproof shoes not necessary, imo. Boots may be overkill, unless comfortable for walks on steep cobblestones.
    Suggest layers, rather than 1 heavy coat. Umbrella or waterproof jacket. And gloves/hat/scarf--whatever combo most warm for you personally.

    Enjoy trip.:smile:
  4. Thank you both! I was thinking that I needed to bring warm boots and a warm coat but based on above, I may be able to get away with a trench coat and a fleece (not worn together). Instead of a fleece (which may be too "american", I also have a wool jacket that I can wear with a light scarf. I may wear my boots for comfort but also bring a pair or slip ons.
  5. Thanks for this question and the answers - I am planning tentatively to visit Portugal this Christmas!
  6. I visited Porto and the north of Portugal last november. I brought wool sweaters and that was a mistake, I don't think I could wear a summer dress, but wool clothes should not come with you :P It was still warm, maybe 18 degrees celcius.