anyone been to Philly Premium, Penn's Purchase or other PA Coach lately?

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  1. I've decided I want a whisky Ali so I'm hoping I can find one somewhere! I hope you ladies can help me. Thanks :smile::heart:
  2. dont go to philly premium they sucked!!!! and sooo hard to find got lost so many times!!! they might have had 1 ali but i m sure its not there anymore... i went like 2 weeks ago

    atlantic city didnt have any either
  3. the only good find at the Philly outlet was the bag in my signature - only got lucky b/c none of the girls working wanted it.
  4. I normally go to Penn's purchase but haven't been in about a month. If I get up there anytime soon I'll let you know!
  5. I was at Premium yesterday, late in the day. They have had more of a selection lately.

    I think the Ali's are long gone though.

    I got a Chelsea Tote and one of those brown suede signature outlet totes. Not sure if they were almost gone but they only had 2 brown and 6 pink on the table...
  6. sweet, thanks! I'm stalking some Ali's on eBay and I think I probably will for a while yet. I know I don't want to pay more than $275 with shipping since they were so inexpensive at the outlets.

    Hmm.. I did like the chelsea satchel in the khaki optic was it? I found a wristlet that I forgot I had (never used but took of the tags) I think I'll try to find one of those next just so I have a matching something :lol:
  7. I wanted to give this a bump, b/c I'd love to know what people are finding at Penn's purchase these days! TIA! :smile:
  8. I didn't see any leather Ali's just sig.
  9. Clarification!! This OP was looking for an Ali a year ago, but I'm curious if anyone is seeing at Penn's Purchase any ergo pleated satchels, sateen carly, or legacy shoulders (per my wishlist :o) ). And maybe a Zoe, too!
  10. I am also looking at these outlets for a small sabrina, either black, berry or op art black! If you see them, please let me know!
  11. My sister was at Phil premium outlets saturday and asked the SA about sabrina's but they don't have any. :sad:
  12. Thanks! I just got off the phone with them and they checked and said they won't be getting any this week. They think they might not be getting them at all since they are so close to KOP.

    Lahaska has a small expresso though if anyone is interested!
  13. What's KOP? thx
  14. King of Prussia it has two stores one in the Court and one in the Plaza
  15. oh wow!! Thanks!