Anyone been to macys Herald Square lately?

  1. I have to be about 2 blocks from there tomorrow and was thinking of seeing what they may have for Toki in stock. If I recall someone mentioned that there were 2 places where they have Toki. One was in the main bag section and the other was up on a higher floor by the juniors ection.

    is taht right? what are the chances they would still have some l'amore?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hiii :biggrin: I was at Herald Square's Macy's last month, and all they had in stock was famiglia, tutti, notte, and bianco~ Maybe some fumo, too. The Lord & Taylor had two AS buon viaggios left... but those were probably snatched up~ Those are the only patterns I saw on my trip, though~
  3. Oh - and yeah, the tokis are located in the main bag section and in the juniors section~ All of the famiglia was with the junior's... the downstairs had mainly notte and tutti.
  4. I was there on Saturday and all they had was Tutti, Famiglia, a few Notte, and some Bianco on sale. I did not see one piece of L'amore or anything else. I checked both sectons.
  5. The juniors department is on the 4th floor. If you take the escalator up, make a right and it is right around the corner, next to the Harajuku Lovers stuff.