Anyone been to Langkawi, Malaysia??

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  1. #1 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    Hi! OK, this is all a bit rushed, but as usual we decided last minute, to head to Langkawi, Malaysia and Singapore for our hols. Now, I've been to Langkawi before and stayed at the Pelangi, but would like some recommendations on other places.....both good and bad!!! Where has the best beach, food, views, pool, and more importantly room with a sea view! Any additional info would be really helpful, as it's been 6 years since I last went to LGK!! TIA!!! XX :smile:
  2. Hi Tash, I haven't been, but that sounds like so much fun. When I was in Malyasia we didn't go during a good beach season and only hit Malaka and Kuala Lumpur. Hope you have a great time!

    Now the other question, what BE are you taking?
  3. Hey hun!! Long time no speak!!! LOL!! This thread seems a bit redundant now, as we've booked the hotel, but still open to suggestions about what to do!! I can't wait.......sun, sea and plenty of..........FOOD!!! LOL!!!

    I've been to KL and Malacca aswell a few times. So, how did you enjoy your time there?? Well, I'm definately bringing my Angel purse, it'll be fab for dinners. As for my main bag, still not TMA is handy for travelling, as it can pack quite a bit, but when we get to Singapore the LM midi would be ideal, so still not sure!!
  4. Hi tash1,
    I am from malaysia and we travel a few times to Langkawi, why don't you try Awana Porto Malai..there are really great traditional foodstalls in Pantai Cenang..always try our malaysian way of grilled seafood..That is what I miss most since moving to the States 4 yrs ago! Fresh , Fresh seafood cooked the Malaysian way, with spices and fragrant herbs..yum :tup:

    i haven;t been home in 4 yrs so I am not sure any new resorts but Andaman resorts ( I am not sure the name ) is great too. Take a train uphill to this new Mat something hill.I am soo sorry I can;t remember for the life of me what is the name of that hill, There is Tasik Dayang Bunting..Island hopping, Look up the legend of Mahsuri..
  5. Hi anitalilac! What part of Malaysia are you from?? Thank you so much for all the suggestions, we'll definately make it a point to venture out to these places. I :heart::heart::heart: fresh seafood, that's one of the best things about going to the Far East. We've been to quite a few of those open-air restaurants with fresh seafood, in JB and Malacca and the food is dead cheap, well at least to European standards!! :sweatdrop:
  6. I loved my time there. I was traveling with a friend and we ate soo much in Malacca. Complicated relationship, but my sister's good friend from college is from Malacca and while he wasn't there at the time, he was somewhere on the eastern island for work, his parents took us around to different places for a couple days. I think we ate 4-5 meals each day. And I don't mean those 300 calorie meals/snacks. Like full on meals at different hawker centers and the famous chicken. It was delicious. Everyone was so friendly to us too.

    I didn't quite like KL as much, but that is probably because we didn't have someone showing us around. We did find this random food stall that was delicious, with a juice stand attached. And no one spoke english. So it was a lot of pointing.

    I guess my trip centered around a lot of food. :lol:
  7. Hi Tash1,

    I am from Pulau Pinang (as the locals call it) or Penang Island.
    I hope you enjoy your trip to my country..I miss the food terribly!
  8. That's why I :heart: going there!! :graucho: Luckily for me, DH loves Malay food so he'll eat anything and everything that's available!!

    KL is very busy and crowded, and everything you'd expect from a city, but it's ok for a few days! :yes:
  9. Tash1 - where will you be staying? Pelangi was the best 5 star hotel 6 years ago. Recently, there are newer establishments such as The Datai, The Andaman (both are under the GHM group) and of course the Four Seasons as well as Berjaya Beach and Spa Resort.

    Must visit/do the following:
    1. Panaroma Langkawi Cable Car
    2. Dine at Barn Thai Restaurant (set deep within the mangroves - reach there at approx. 6.30pm so that you can walk through the mangroves and have dinner there).
    3. Pulau Dayang Bunting
    4. Galeri Perdana - gifts received by former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    Hope it helps.
  10. Oh, Penang! Never been there, was thinking of it, but just decided to go with Langkawi! Awwww, thanks you! :heart: Don't you worry, we ALWAYS have a good time when we go to the Far East!! ;)
  11. Thanks for the suggestions nvie!! :heart: