Anyone been to Jeffersonville, Ohio Outlet Lately?

  1. I'm hoping to make a trip there this week -- has anyone been there recently? Anything good to look out for? I'm hoping to buy two bags and looking for signature stuff -- hope to buy one bag in khaki and one in black. Love the Carly but I know that's a long shot.

  2. Hi there! I was there last Thursday and got the white Mandy. They did have one new Slim Carly in khaki and white, but I bet it's gone. I'd call first. They had actually quite a bit of signature. They had the glitterly gallery totes from the holidays in both brown and gold. They also had this season's patchwork. They also had a lot of Bleekers, duffles and flaps. I'd call and ask if you are looking for something specific. They are pretty nice and will hold stuff for 48 hours. HTH!
  3. oh man...i need to head on down. last time i was there a couple weeks ago, they had all the legacy (leather and sig) bags.
  4. I am planning on going there this weekend and it will be my first time going to this one (I usually frequent the Edinburgh,IN one) so was wondering if anyone has ever seen sunnies there? I have been really itching for some new sunglasses and our boutique store is hit and miss here and it's something that I'd hate to buy off the site without trying them on, kwim? There is a pair that was out around a year ago that I am really wanting (Burgandy Allie) so was hoping that an outlet might have them!

  5. ^Jeffersonville typically does not carry sunglasses....
  6. I am going there tomorrow. I'm going to return the Soho Optic Large Hobo in Brown and look for something else. Can't wait!! I can spend forever in there. :yahoo: