anyone been to GUCCI or PRADA OUTLET IN Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

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  1. Hi guys!

    just wondering any of you guys in the USA been to the gucci or prada outlet in woodbury common premium outlets near new york?

    becasue im coming over in march for 5 day to shop!! hee hee!
  2. i've been to both.......i really don't like the gucci outlet almost everything's outdated and i've never seen anything i particularly loved.....prada's decent....i'd say dior and fendi have the best selections.......and u can find even more fendi at the saks outlet......
  3. how much will i save in these outlet shop? becasue in UK sometime they are 50% off in the sale already! and i dont mind if they are from 2-3 years ago as long they r wearable n people cant tell if they are from the past season! n is the shop big in size?

  4. the gucci store is decent in size and very very popular......i can't remember prices exactly i'm sorry but either way woodbury is a great place to stop by....i find that they don't have the greatest deals unless it's a holiday but with a little digging u may find some treasures......
  5. cool! i cant wait!

  6. Woodbury is a good place to shop but the Gucci Store, you will not find any uptodate things there. Stuff moves so quickly, now they have a Gucci in Secaucus may have more uptodate items but again it moves quickly as well as Chanel and Fendi.. The Fendi outlet definitely carries more trendy items.. odd colors etc.. You are better off catching Gucci's end of season sale at the stores and going to Neiman's and Saks during their sales..
  7. I agree with everyone. I went to the outlets a little before Christmas. The Gucci outlet had 2 handbags. Yes, you heard me right, TWO handbags. I was so disappointed. There were a lot of shoes though. Fendi had a lot more stuff.
  8. Don't forget the Chanel, BV, and Judith Leiber stores there!

    I was lucky enough to live in the village of Tuxedo Park, New York from 1992-1995. It's just 15 minutes from Woodbury Common!
  9. I went this past fall and bought a gorgeous python Fendi bag at the Woodbury outlet. It was discounted from over $2000 down to $500. You could definitely find great deals. The only downside is that they are all from previous collections.
  10. The outlets are very hit or miss. If you're dying to find a bag there, you will! Chanel at Woodbury has good deals. So does Furla.
    I think the Seacacus Gucci has more of a bag selection. The prices can be quite good! Happy shopping!