Anyone been to Dominican Republic??

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  1. Hi Everyone
    My SO and I have booked to go to Dominican Republic in Nov - we are staying at a 5 star all inclusive resort in Punta Cana. When I booked it, the reviews on tripadvisor were excellent and we were really looking forward to going.... but this week, the reviews about the hotel have dive bombed (hopefully its just a blip?) and more and more friends/ acquaintances are now telling me horror stories about people who have been to DR who have got really sick!!

    Case in point, this story of a lady that lives in the next town to me (why does no one tell you about these things before you book!!!) Must point out, I am NOT staying at the same hotel but its still a horror story!!

    So, would love to hear what you think of Dominican Republic? Any NICE stories to share? Any tips for not getting sick, food poisoning, tummy bugs? Are there any foods, in particular, that you wouldnt eat there? etc

    I just want a nice relaxing beach holiday!!:biggrin:
  2. I have not gone to DR, but my cousin went last year - they did not get sick, but they said there were a lot of things that were unknown. They stayed away from things that were truly a mystery. My in-laws went about 4 years ago and loved and it. I thinks it's one of those islands where you do not what to venture out on your own/away from the resort. If you stay on site or only go on excursions booked through the resort, you should have a fantastic time.
  3. I've gone two years in a row and have stayed at two different resorts. Had a blast..never got sick. Ate everything in sight. Ventured off the resort and the people were friendly. Will be going back at some point but i have to venture out to other place.....hope you have a great time!
  4. DH and his cousin went quite a few years back, not resort vacation, it was more like backpacking/low budget thing, and they had fun, no sickness or anything bad happened.
  5. A friend (and SO) when there and their cab driver from the airport was a crook. He took them somewhere other than where they were supposed to be going and men went to each back window and they were robbed. The crooks got some of their stuff but not all of it because the driver finally drove away.

    She's very well traveled and said she'll never go back to the DR.

    Be very careful and aware of your surroundings at all times...

  6. I agree with this and I believe my friend would too.
  7. it is a great place to visit... November, hurricane season is way over so not much to worry about... i am not sure how far u would be from Jarabacoa... but it would be nice to visit it as well... la Romana (altos de chavon, la marina) are pretty cool places also if u have time to go around...
    Note that any foreign country that u go to, u have to b careful of what u eat... as long as u are cautious, u have nothing to fear.... Relax and enjoy... and while u r at it... learn a new language if u do not already speak spanish... Disfruta todo que hay que disfrutar en la Republica Dominicana...
  8. Thanks to everyone for your replies so far. Thats a scary story re the cab driver but I think we are getting a coach transfer to and from the airport and will only go on organised excursions.....

    Thanks, Klasychanel2009, I wil certainly 'Enjoy all to be enjoyed in the Dominican Republic' ! :biggrin:

    Had to google translate it - haha -but will def try and learn some spanish whilst I am there
  9. we have gone to the DR 5 times and will be back to Punta Cana again next February...we have never had any problems and have enjoyed every vacation immensely...if you have any questions pm me...
  10. I've been to Punta Cana and never had any problems, but really hated the food at the resort I stayed at.
  11. I've been to DR twice..once to Puerto Plata, once to Punta Cana. Had a blast both times. Like someone stated before, just don't venture out on your own. Book through the resort any excursions you want to go on. Just make sure you lock up your stuff in your room. I never had anything stolen. Our tour guide told us the people who work at the resort value their jobs and would never steal to jeopardize losing their jobs. I never got sick and the person I went with has a super weak stomach and he never got sick either. I hope you have fun!
  12. I've been to the Dominican Rep. 10+ times ever since I was little with my parents for vacation--been to Punta Cana (the best spot in my opinion out of all the cities in DR), Puerta Plata, & La Romana. Last time I was there was in Jan. of this year with DBF (right around the time of the Haiti earthquake). We were freaking out about the after affects but it was completely normal. Which resort r u staying at? In Jan, we stayed at the Grand Palladium Bavaro, WONDERFUL place, the Palladium visitors even have a great forum of their own just like TPF! I never had any problems with food poisoning or anything. And never took a cab but heard a lot of horror stories about getting ripped off (always book your vacation as a package with included to and from transportation!) Can't type anymore now, but will be back later to write more...PM me if you have any other ques.!
  13. I went a couple of years ago and loved it! I went with friends and one was from there and still has family there so I had the "insiders" advantage. I did NOT get sick and I tend to have a weak stomach. I ate in all kinds of places but I was careful not to drink anything but bottled water and had no ice.

    D.R. is a beautiful country and the people are amazing. We didn't go to Punta Cana...went to the capital and the northern part.
  14. Thanks so much for everyones comments - really appreciate it. And thanks for all the reassurance re: not getting sick - I do tend to have a sensitive stomach and am scared to death of getting food poisoning!

    I am staying at the Dreams Resort and Spa, Punta Cana - the reviews (up until last week when we booked were really good) but recently, some of the reviews have turned negative which was making me worry.
  15. i've been there 2 years ago and stayed @ the riu palace, it was very nice and we had a great time, we did tours through the hotel and also took the hotel shuttle