Anyone been to Curves? How is it?

  1. I've always been snobby about Curves since it's "only" 30 min 3X a week and it doesn't use "real" weights, but I am FAT and stressed out (grad student) and I gotta do something structured and simple! I have a "figure assessment" or something on Monday. Has anyone here done it? Did you like it? Did you see results?

    The hours are a little limited and that concerns me since my schedule is erratic and inflexible, but I think I can make it work. I'm thinking maybe I'll do just a few months there, and if I get a little fitter I can then hire a trainer for some sessions at a more conventional gym. I just feel like I need some help getting in the groove right now.
  2. I have not been to it, but I hear it is an amazing program. All we really need is 3 times 30 minutes a week of aerobic (to keep our bodies metabolizing and processing well). Curves focuses on feeling good about yourself and not feeling bad to go work out- some gyms are intimidating. I think that would be a great start.
  3. Megs, is that your black lab?! S/he is precious! I have one named Sidney, he's my baby (one of 2, actually, I have a Manchester Terrier too).
  4. i did curves for a little while a few years ago. i was 60+ lbs overweight and curves felt very "safe." i lost about 20lbs (but it was more diet related) then i plateaued after a few months. joined a "real" gym with MUCH better results. i personally didn't care for the social aspect. i just want to get in and get out and with curves that was very hard to do.

    i think it's great for older ladies who use it for social time but if you really want to get healthy, you'll outgrow it quickly. that said, i wouldn't have joined the real gym back then if i hadn't joined curves first. i think your plan sounds great!
  5. Whats the diff between REAL GYM comparing to CURVES?
  6. I've been going to Curves for about 4 months. I really like it. I'm not the "athletic type" and it was easy to learn. It helped me lose weight & feel good about myself. It also made me feel alot better, physically. I have lots more energy & stamina.

    There is the social aspect- I live in a small town & know most of the ladies there. We do chit-chat, but I enjoy that. It's "my time" away from the stresses of working & having a family.
  7. I went to Curves for about a year. I'm not athletic at all and I liked the atmosphere. I lost weight and had more energy. I think it even helped with my back and leg problems. I quit going because I had so much trouble getting there on time. If they were open another two hours, I think I would still be a member.

    Getting buff wasn't my goal. I just wanted to lose a little weight and strengthen my back to help with pain management.
  8. I haven't done it, but one of the gripes I've heard about Curves is the hours. It isn't open all the time like a normal gym, they close for holidays, etc.

    Also, I know my local rec center does something similar with the 30 min. training 3x a week and it is MUCH cheaper than Curves. A few of my friends do that and love it.
  9. is Curves expensive?
  10. It's about $30/month if you sign up for a year. The Curves in my town is open 6am-1:30pm, then from 3pm-7pm. It is closed on major holidays- like Christmas, etc.

    It did help me lose weight but I must say that my posterior is not toning up like I wish it would...
  11. I was a member of Curves for a year and hated it. I paid for the full year in advance so I finished it out but it was SOOO boring and repetative. I never left there feeling like I had a "good workout." The resistance on the machines definately didn't feel like they were enough tension for my muscles to REALLY benefit and listening to that god awful "Curves music" over and over and over again... ugh.

    I joined Jazzercise actually and have A LOT more fun!! I am in grad school also and work full time so I understand your schedule. Jazzercise, at least by me, offers morning and evening sessions and it REALLY feels like a workout. The music is new and always changes, the routines are challenging and fun, and you keep moving... for an HOUR! It feels great.
  12. i did curves for a year and saw VERY little change in my body. they were constantly trying to get me to attend diet meetings or buy these meal replacement shakes- and that really bothered me.

    i found it really repetitious and boring and not much of a challenge. i would leave without feeling like i really did anything, you know?

    the best part about it, i do admit, is that i didn't feel like the "fat girl" that everyone was staring at (like i get at a regular gym). there were people smaller than me, people bigger...but everyone was super sweet and supportive.
  13. the realllllly big difference is the quality of the workout. curves consists of "cross training" so your body is constantly working doing different drills . Plus u don't have to think about what u have to do, someone is telling u --- so much easier. at a gym, you gotta plan your workouts...and always switch it up, which isn't hard either, if you have been working out for awhile. My mom went to curves for awhile and dropped to a size 6 from a size 14. she likes to borrow my clothes now....LOL. She doesn't go anymore, but she maintains her weight now by swimming 3 times a week.
  14. Okay, Curves sucks. They were supposed to give me a reminder call about my appt, but they didn't. I'd forgotten what time it was, so I called the day before and left a message. They never returned my call. I guess they're not much interested in my business.

    So now what? I need guidance! I'm eating lower carb and doing well but I don't think I can motivate myself to exercise alone.
  15. what about a group class at a gym?

    and i posted this already as a thread, but the national fitness challenge (sponsored by discovery health) is starting next week...and they're offering free 8 week memberships to bally fitness.