Anyone been to cuffs in cleveland, OH area (H boutique)?

  1. Just wondering how big they could be if they are an independent boutique.
  2. I have ordered things from them. They are small. Scarves, ties and smal accessories like scarf rings. From my recollection, they do not carry leather goods. They would be akin to the H counter at Neimans.
  3. There are a full store. They get Birkin's and I've seen a gorgeous fushia ostrich kelly. They have a limited selection of clothing, but they do have losts of scarfs and jewelry.
    That being said, I have been trying to get a black birkin for about 8 months and now I am begging for a lindy. I believe they get less stock than some larger stores.
  4. From what the manager Lyon states to me, they are the same as any other Hermes. Their stock, from what I have been accustomed to is definitely fair.

    I know if you make nice with her, whenever she gets bags in, she will call you. I have an appointment with her on Fri.

    She is really awesome.
  5. I know Lyon but what do you mean you have an appt with her? She keeps telling me she is looking out for a Blk bag for me but I never had an appt with her. If they have a black lindy or a black birkin (silver hw) please pm me so I stand a chance to get them. :drool:

  6. I will. She is easy to schedule an appointment with. My first was before I even owned a Birkin and I called in and she and I scheduled an immediate appointment.

    I will be sure to let you know if I see any blacks tomorrow.:idea:
  7. I called & spoke briefly with someone, Marine?? Anyway, I'm gonna try to get over there this weekend to try out some evelynes. I hope it stops snowing!!
  8. I will be sure to let you know if I see any blacks tomorrow.:idea:[/quote]

    Thank you if you can help me get my dream bags you'll be my new best friend. Thank you and good luck coming home with a big orange box. :jammin: (he has ear muffs so he can stay warm in all our rediculous snow)

  9. Good luck with the evelynes. Post a pic if you get one. As far as the snow, whats going on here, it was 70's last week and now its like Christmas.:jammin:

  10. Worse. It was 70's during Christmas.
  11. Don't even get me started on this weather...ugghh! Anyway, I did go over there on sat. & met Lyon (I was expecting a man). She was really sweet & not at all uppity or anything. I did try on the evelyne, but then she showed me a kelly & now I'm a goner. They had much more than I expected them to have (who knows what else they had in the back, I only asked to see 3 bags). I tried on a 28 chevre sellier kelly in fuschia or cyclamon?? (don't know, but it was a hot pink). It was stunning!! I think I am going to start saving for a black. We should have a cleveland meet up sometime!
  12. I
  13. I'm all for it (even though your saving your $ for black and will be my big competition to get black bags out of Lyon.:rolleyes: ) I live in Richfield but I spend way to much time at Beachwood place. Let me know, we can all meet for lunch
  14. I'm game.:yahoo:
  15. I am going to see Lyon today. I want a Brighton Blue with Gold HW right now. I saw one on eBay but I am so new to Hermes, I am not exactly sure what to look for. I would love to have a simple Brighton in Togo or Clemence with diamonds, like on the croc. I think that would be so utterly hot.