Anyone been to Coach in Reno?

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  1. I'll be in Reno this weekend, and found a pretty nice looking mall online(Summit Sierra) with a Coach boutique:yahoo:. It's about 15 minutes from my hotel and I was wondering if anyone has been there and can tell me about the mall or boutique.

  2. I haven't been to Reno in ages but, but...

    Wow! I didn't know they had Coach there. That's awesome. My parents are planning on going to Reno for Labor Day, and I had no idea about this! I just looked at the illustration of the mall and it's gigantic. Yes, yes, of course. If anyone has been there already please let us know. I'm going to forward the news to my mom now so we'll have something worth checking out during our stay. Thanks for the post! :amuse:


    Summit Sierra Mall
  3. \
    wow, I hadn't seen that pic. It looks like a great mall. Anyone have opinions on the Coach store?
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    I'm going to be in Reno for an event next month too so would love to have a Coach update too! I think I was at this mall last year when I was up there - it wasn't quite finished yet, but had a lot of great stores - was with DH and not a lot of time so I think I only stopped at one store to pick something up, but if it's the one I was thinking about it's a really nice mall!