anyone been to Burberry, GUCCI outlet or factory shop in uk

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  1. anyone know how go to outlet or factory shop of Burberry, gucci,paul smith? many thanks!
  2. yes! been to burberry outlet in scotland! always find good buys in there! but we dont have gucci outlet over here! for paul smith there is a sale shop in london!:idea:
  3. can you give detailed address of the burberry shop in scotland? many thanks
  4. go to Bicester in Oxford you will LOVE it!! Bicester has Burberry, Christian Dior, Paul Smith, and many more, although i was looking for a Gucci outlet here but no where to be found.... anyone know of any other designer outlet stores in England????
  5. Burberry outlet shop is in [FONT=Arial,Bold]McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, Livingston, there is few more designer shop in there. [/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Bold]([/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold]Armani, Burberry, Nitya, Ted Baker, Gap Outlet,
    Marks and Spencer Outlet, Body Shop and Calvin Klein Jeans)​
    The centre is open 363 days a year, including Bank Holidays. Opening times
    are Monday and Tuesday 10am to 6pm, Wednesday to Friday 10am to 8pm,
    Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm.
    For further information, please call 01506 423600 or visit​

  6. Hi William,
    Go to Hackney where the Burberry factory is located (rather than going to Scotland - saved you more money:P)!

    29 Chatham Place
    London E9 6LP
    United Kingdom
    +44 20 8985 3344

    I don't think there are outlets for the other designer brands in the UK (not unles if they are local brands...)


  7. I went to the Burberry factory shop in Hackney while I was visiting London in middle of Nov 08. So MANY great deals! I got a Burberry suit for $150, 2 wool scarves for $35 ea, 2 silk scarves for $30 ea, and a wool lined dress for $70. It is definitely worth the trip! I plan on going back the next time I am in London!
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    Do you know how far this is from the Glasgow/Greenock area? My dad will be back in February and if it isn't too far I might send him on a trek :P Do they have lots of the classic scarves there? What are the prices like?

    BTW, I went to that site but I don't see Burberry listed anywhere?
  9. where this shop in london?
  10. I actually didn't think the Hackney Burberry Outlet in London was very good. The staff was very rude and the prices (when converted back to dollars) was more expensive than the normal store on sale. The items weren't that great -- you would do much better in the states
  11. I have been to both of the Burberrys in Hackney and Bicester in Oxford, I thought better deals in Bicester. Hackney store seemed bigger though.
  12. Can anyone tell me if the Burberry outlet in Scotland is still there? I went to the outlet website but I don't see Burberry listed anywhere.
  13. Thanks for the details
  14. I think there was Burberry outlet in Swindon, but i did hear a whisper that it had closed, could be wrong though.
  15. Hi. Im new to tPF. I hope somebody could answer my question. Are the bags sold in Bicester outlet stores like Prada and Burberry authentic or fake?